for Organ

Comissioned / Requested by

Codarts / De Doelen

Year of Composition


Detailed Instrumentation


Approximate Duration

14 min.


March 2018 at De Doelen, Rotterdam, by Vincent de Ridder. (premiere)


The piece Bear in Mind Everything May Change was written with the organ in De Doelen’s Grote Zaal in mind. Therefore, the architecture of the organ takes center stage, becoming the vehicle for the development of musical discourse; meaning that this piece is about exploring the different, independent parts of this special organ, and the way they interact with each other and the space around them — the way that the sound from each individual section propagates within the hall.

An echoing initial motif announces the coming of melody and harmony, in phrases slowly and gradually spreading throughout the organ until they cover its whole surface. These phrases become disjointed chords of various colours, travelling from one part of the organ to another, building energy as they accelerate; their sound resonating in different ways both throughout the hall, along its walls and ceiling, and within the organ itself.